Hey there, welcome to my blog. I’m Simon.

I registered this domain in 2014 after blogging for years in Danish on another domain, and wrote regularly about digital marketing and branding until I got too busy with work. Now (July 2020) it’s time to get started again.

My goal is to publish something at least once a month for the remainder of 2020.

About me

I’m originally from Denmark but have lived and worked in Southeast Asia since 2013. So far I’ve lived in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore (twice) and most recently in Bangkok, Thailand.

I’ve worked in beauty retail and e-commerce for the last seven years, first for a couple of years at the startup Luxola.com and then, after we were acquired in 2015, for Sephora. My current role is Head of Marketing & E-commerce for our Thailand business, and previously I’ve had some amazing regional roles in special projects and omni-channel innovation / strategy.

I am lucky enough to work in some of the fields I find naturally interesting, including retail innovation/strategy, digital transformation and marketing.

If you’d like to get in touch with me please email me on simontorring@gmail.com. For queries related to Sephora please search for my work email elsewhere.